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Annual Reports 2021: 4 Library Transactions

Library Transactions

In this section, you will report the library's 'Transactions', the circulation/checkouts of materials in your library's collection (books, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.). It is not a hard section as NCLS has provided your SIRSI and eBook data in the Master AR Spreadsheet. You may optionally have adjustments to the data provided by SIRSI. Feel free to make those adjustments when inputting answers into Bibliostat CollectConnect. You may also download the Master AR Spreadsheet Excel File and add or subtract right in the sheet if you'd find that helpful.


  • While NCLS provides the transactions data that we have in SIRSI, you can make adjustments to these numbers when submitting information in Bibliostat.
  • This section is based on Circulation, which also includes Renewals. 
  • 4.18 and 4.19 You will have to answer yourself. I have provided further details below if you have questions about these answers.
  • 4.20 and 4.21 ILL NCLS has added DueNorth statistics to the Master AR Spreadsheet for both materials received and provided.

4.18 Reference

4.18 Reference Transactions are information consultations in which library staff recommend, interpret, evaluate, and/or use information resources to help others to meet particular information needs. This also includes unscheduled assistance. Count Readers Advisory questions as reference transactions. 

Note: If total annual number is not available, typically the state says you may estimate this number by multiplying a 'normal' week by 52. Due to Covid, simply estimate to your best ability. 

4.18a UPDATE: DLD has added a question asking if your Reference Transactions is an annual count or an annual estimate.

4.19 Virtual reference is a method by which a library may provide reference service online. The reference transaction is done via computer, rather than face to face.

These were abbreviated from DLD's Annual Report Instructions. Please click the link if you'd like to read their detailed description.