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Annual Reports 2021: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Annual Report 2021 Guide?

The Annual Report 2021 Guide can be found at the following:
  • The URL is:
  • It's a grey button on the left hand side of
  • That same grey button is in my email signature below
  • It's on nclsweb under Libraries > Services > Annual Report Guide
How is this process different than last year?
This year will look a lot like last year. Last year, we introduced the Annual Report 2021 Guide that has all the information and answers NCLS usually provides, updates, tips and FAQs, and more all in one place. You can navigate each tab at the top for nuanced help as you complete the parts of the Annual Report.
We no longer have individual Google Sheets that have to be loaded. Instead, NCLS provides all typical answers (no load required) in the Master AR SpreadsheetAt the bottom are tabs for each part of the Annual Report where NCLS can provide answers. You may optionally download it as an Excel sheet to make your own tweaks, delete other libraries, etc. 
I am a new director. Where do I start?
As a new director, the best way to prepare for the annual report is to look at your library's report from last year and compare it to the "Parts" (as tabs) at the top of the Annual Report 2021 Guide. You can print your report from last year here. Doing this comparison will help you identify questions you may have. You'll see that NCLS provides many answers too, which will be noted in the guide. There are 2 intense sections to take note of: 
  • Library Programs (Part 3)
  • Financials (Parts 11-14)
Both Programs and Financials will require some planning. Financial sections have to balance - I would contact whoever handles the library's finances ahead of time. Feel free to even send them links to the financial section of the report. 
My only other advice is: review the guide early and don't worry - it's ok to do your best with what information was left to you. The guide is thorough, but if you have questions then please contact your NCLS consultant.
What are the changes to the report?
The Division of Library Development has not finalized changes yet and we will not see those till mid-January, shortly before the report is opened. We are doing our best to prepare you, building the airplane as we are flying it.
How do I seek help?
Please consult the guide first. If you're unable to find what you're looking for, contact me or your consultant with any questions. An individual email works best as we navigate the large number of questions we receive.