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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things ILL! Follow these step-by-step instructions to get items efficiently into patrons' hands and correctly track items as they move through the library system.

You'll notice that there are three distinct places to search - consider these each different levels of searching.

  • Level 1: WorkFlows (SirsiDynix)
  • Level 2: DueNorth
  • Level 3: OCLC WorldCat

When searching for items for patrons, always start at level 1 first and work your way through the successive levels if you cannot locate the item.

The ILL network is made possible by the delivery system facilitated by NCLS. For the most current delivery codes and schedules, please visit the NCLS Helpful Resources page.

Pro tip: If you ever change the access to your building, like your security codes or keys, please contact Dylan as soon as possible.


WorkFlows is the staff interface of our online catalog and the first level of locating materials for patrons. This system will search all of the automated libraries within our 65 library system / 4 county radius (in other words, within the North Country Library System service area). Patrons may place holds on items themselves through the online catalog, or through the library by calling or visiting a staffed desk. This system is set up to automatically notify patrons of an item's pick up status if they have provided their email address when they created their account.


This is the second level of locating items to borrow for patrons. If you cannot find items within WorkFlows, search here next! This system will include all nonautomated libraries within the NCLS service area, as well as participating schools, colleges, and prisons. The DueNorth regional catalog may be accessed by patrons online, but hold requests are only placed through the ILL contact person at the patron's local library. The patron is notified of their hold status by the library's contact person via email or phone. Unfortunately this notification is not automatic.

OCLC WorldCat

This is the third and final level of locating items for patrons. If you cannot find the item by searching through WorkFlows or DueNorth, search here! With OCLC, we have access to collections and services of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide. Lenders in this database include schools, universities, and libraries from across the United States. Patrons search this catalog by using the OCLC website, but hold requests are only placed through the patron's local library. Like DueNorth, the patron is notified of their hold status by the library's contact person via email or phone.