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NCLS Reopening Guide: Staff Safety

Staff Safety Is a Priority

Staff health is a priority. The following CDC guidance is important for staff health and reducing the risk of infection.

Handwashing (CDC)

Demonstration of Doffing Personal Protective Equipment (CDC)

More videos from the CDC.

More resources from the CDC


Social distancing is still the most effective way to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. Adjusting staff schedules to reduce contact with each other is advised.

  • Rotate or stagger staff on different days. This will make it easier to track who’s been in the building in the event of an infection.

  • Offer telecommuting for staff when available.

  • Modify hours open.

  • Be flexible with staff needs they may have during this time. Some staff may be high risk or have family members who are high risk.

Policies involving employees should be reviewed and updated as necessary.