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NCLS Reopening Guide: Technology


Both staff and patrons regularly interact with physical technology in the library. These items are also hard to disinfect. Please consider the following for ensuring the safety of staff and patrons when using technology.

Public Technology

Public facing technology services pose a high risk and require extensive preparation. There will be some downtime before allowing patrons into the building, giving you time to prepare. You can offer some services to the public even while doors are closed. 

Technology services while the building is CLOSED:

  • WiFi access can still be provided and should be increased if possible; extending range and removing passwords.

  • Online Programming.

  • Consider setting up an outdoor laptop/computer station, maintained during library hours.

Technology services when the building OPENS:

  • Eliminate some public computers for social distancing.

  • Managing patrons using computers; time limits, signage. 

  • Cleaning technology between uses. 

  • Move computers (if feasible) to other parts of the library for social distancing.

    • WiFi adapter (inexpensive) and cabling.

  • Regarding patron use, do not limit use to ‘emergency’ or special use for computers. This may be too subjective and problematic.

  • Easy to clean keyboards and mice could be purchased.

  • Keyboard covers that could be cleaned, including press and seal.

Staff Technology

During the initial stage, there are technology considerations for staff that should include the following:

  • Staff person having their own keyboard, mouse, or phone that can be moved to the circulation desk or elsewhere when needed.

  • Easy to clean keyboards and mice can be purchased.

  • Procedure for quarantining technology that may have been used by multiple staff members.