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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources: Resources for Libraries

Find the latest information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) from government and scientific authorities.

About this Guide

Along with preparing your library facility and staff, you will most likely receive questions from your community on this topic. With the flurry of information that has come out about the outbreak, it is difficult to know where to go for up-to-date information. In addition to the resources listed on the community page of this guide, below is a list of resources that will probably be your best bet for answering questions that may come up.   

Best Practices for Preparedness


Sample Policies and Resources from Libraries:

Coronavirus Research and Literature


Updates from NCLS

Below are the latest NCLS updates on COVID-19 guidance and best practices.  They have also been emailed to member library directors and trustees.

Updates from NYS

Libraries and Sick or Symptomatic Patrons

Library staff might question their ability to ban patrons who are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19).  After consultation with an attorney it is recommended that libraries follow the protocol below: 

  • Libraries may communicate, both inside and outside the library, messages encouraging patrons not to use the library facility if they are experiencing symptoms of infectious disease (e.g. signage, email newsletters, etc.). It is permissible to ask patrons to follow common public health advice (e.g. good cough and sneeze etiquette, hand washing). 
  • Libraries should not approach or target any individual patrons or groups of patrons exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness and ask them to reconsider their use of the library. There are many non-contagious conditions that may cause a person to display symptoms. 


Serving Patrons


Resources for Children: