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Genealogy: Microfilm

Accessing the Readers

Flower Library has three microfilm/microfiche readers available for public use. Two are available in the Reference area and can be accessed anytime the library is open; one is available in the Genealogy Department and is only accessible when the department is open. 

In both cases patrons should speak to staff or volunteers to access the machines.

Available Titles

A number of different titles are available on microfilm at Flower Library. These include:

  • New York Daily Reformer [runs from September 5 1850 to December 31 1869]
  • New York Folklore Quarterly [runs from 1945 to 1975]
  • New York History [runs from 1950 to 1987]
  • New York Times [runs from September 1851 to December 31 2004]
  • Watertown Herald [runs from July 3 1886 to October 26 1918]
  • Watertown Daily Times [May 24 1870 to December 31 2018]

Be aware that the library does not have digitally searchable indexes for any of these titles!

The Watertown Daily Times, depending on year however, is available digitally through other databases. Visit the Resources Accessible from Anywhere page of this LibGuide.

Reader Capabilities

The two readers in the Reference area have the same capabilities. They are attached to a computer, which means they can easily allow you to:

  • change the contrast of the image 
  • enlarge or shrink the image
  • crop the image so that you only have the portion of interest
  • save the image in pdf, jpeg, or png to a thumb drive or your email
  • print the image

Both machines also read microfilm and microfiche.

The reader in the Genealogy Department has similar capabilities but is more difficult to operate.