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Technical Services: JAB

NCLS Joint Automation Board (JAB Users Group)

The NCLS Joint Automation Board, is also known as the JAB Users Group.  It is comprised of all member libraries who have signed a contract to be a SIRSI library.  The groups purpose it to improve library services for the patrons they serve.  The automated system is the backbone of our shared services.  The JAB group helps to maintain the system and the shared policies that govern that system. The system has continued to grow and additional modules have made things easier and more efficient over time. The automated system allowed us to share over 100,000 items last year between our libraries.

JAB Users Group Bylaws



JAB Memo of Understanding (MOU)

Every two years NCLS sends a copy of the automation agreement to member libraries to ensure that library staff and trustees are aware of the agreement, given that there is natural turnover in both staff and trustees.  In some cases the original agreement was signed by libraries more than 20 years ago and it’s good practice for us all to review the agreement to ensure we’re meeting our obligations to the libraries in our system.

JAB Circulation System Standards (2018)

JAB Meeting Minutes