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Summer Reading: CSLP Resources

All Together Now Summer Reading Symposium

This year's symposium was held virtually on December 8, 2022. The entire event is recorded and archived for access here:

Collaborative Summer Library Program

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) is a nonprofit, charitable organization that supports literacy, education and science through summer reading events in public libraries across the United States.

CSLP works to develop interest in reading and library use. This includes development and implementation of summer reading programs used nationwide, public service announcements, and other activities which promote reading and library use.

By combining resources and working to produce materials designed for CSLP members, public libraries in participating states or systems can purchase posters, reading logs, bookmarks, certificates and a variety of reading incentives at significant savings.

CSLP Manual

Each year CSLP creates a manual based on a new slogan and artwork which includes an early literacy program, a children’s program, a teen program, and an adult program. A central benefit of membership is that purchase and use of the manual, artwork, and slogan is exclusive to CSLP members and their partners.

Get the complete rules of use on the CSLP website.

Libraries should have received their USB drives in the NCLS delivery. If you haven't received your USB drive, contact Katie. You can also access the manual online on the CSLP website with your login.

Social Media Toolkit - COMING SOON FOR 2023

Get social media graphics, virtual meeting backgrounds, pre-written posts, and more in the CSLP Social Media Toolkit!