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Summer Reading: Support Reading

Get to know Sora

Sora is OverDrive's student app. Students in districts that use OverDrive can access the NCLS collection through the Sora app.

Sora is also the app that Audiobook SYNC uses to make their weekly downloads available throughout the summer.

How to add North Country Library System to a Sora account

Teen Book Cloud Summer Trial

Teen Book Cloud is offering schools and libraries free access to online books for their patrons through the summer. For more information and to register visit:

How to support voluntary reading

  • Encourage children to choose their own reading materials
  • Don't forget about audio!
  • Make sure you have materials they want to read for fun
  • Ask kids about their reading, and get excited about whatever they say! If a kid recommends a book to you, READ IT! It broadens your horizons, shows the child you respect their opinion, and gives you a jumping off point for building a relationship with that child
  • Find ways to validate all reading - not just books but everyday reading like articles, instructions and websites. Kids who don't see themselves as readers might be doing plenty of reading, but adults are telling them it doesn't "count"
  • Send them home with books to keep, when you can
  • Think about going fine-free for children, to help remove barriers to access
    • If you have recently gone fine free, make sure families know about it! Your school librarians can help you spread the word

There has never been a better time to remove barriers to print library materials. If you're interested in going fine-free for children and want to know more, contact your consultant.

Reading Logs

Courtesy of Colleen Grezsik at Mexico, here are labels you can print and place on the back of bookmarks for kids to track their reading each week!