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What's My Job: A Guide To Being a Library Trustee: Hiring a Director

The Most Important Job

Hiring a New Director

If you are faced with the task of having to hire a new director, the first thing the board should do is contact NCLS.  Please reach out to your consultant as soon as you know that there will be a vacancy.

The next thing the board should designate some time and work through the NCLS Succession Planning Toolkit.  This guide will walk you through all of the steps for hiring a director.  It also contains sample documents that will aid you in your search.

Where to Advertise

NCLS will be happy to post your ad to our website and within the NYS library community.

Just fill out our Job Posting Submission Form, and we'll make sure the library community knows you're hiring.

It's also a good idea to post it to your library website, your social media accounts, and local media outlets.