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Genealogy: Other In-house Resources

Other In-house Resources

Flower Library is home to many other unique physical resources for genealogy research! These include:

  • Church records - these records are from many churches within Jefferson County, and include baptisms, funerals, and marriages.
  • Estate claims - after a person dies, there are still bills to be paid (typically for funeral expenses). Flower Library has files of estate claims from the 1800s for some residents of the county.
  • Family files - Flower Library has hundreds of family notebooks and envelops which contain newspaper clippings of local families. Inside are obituaries, anniversary announcements, and other similar stories. These files are constantly growing and are added to by dedicated volunteers.

To access indexes for the above records, visit Flower Library's website.

In addition, you will also find these within the Reference area and Genealogy Department:

  • Historic maps - a smattering of maps are available for community members to access covering the surrounding Northern New York area
  • Published genealogies and New York State histories - ask a staff member for details
  • Vertical files - various newspaper clippings and other local ephemera were gathered by staff and organized into files for the community to use
  • Watertown City Directories [covers 1896 to present] - searchable by both last name and street name, these directories help determine what a community looked like at a given point in time; current years are kept at the Circulation Desk. Note that some years are digitally accessible via the New York Heritage Digital Collections database.