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Directors Do It All: Facilities

Minimum Standard #8

21st century library services aren't limited to what our physical spaces can hold - we offer ebooks, virtual programming, and more! But running the library means making sure the building you do have can support the organization's in-person services, from programming to internet access and beyond.

Minimum Standard #8 requires that a library "...maintains a facility that addresses community needs, as outlined in the library’s long-range plan of service, including adequate space, lighting, shelving, seating, power and data infrastructure, and a public restroom."


Prioritizing accessibility in your library will ensure that all patrons will be able to enjoy what the library has to offer.  Check out the following accessibility resources:


You'll want to find out who is responsible for taking care of the building and grounds, including repairs, lawn care, and snow removal. Depending on your situation, it may be the municipality, a third party, library staff, or a combination of the three.

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