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Directors Do It All: Programming & Outreach

Traveling Billboard

Book this traveling billboard for your next library outreach event today! Perfect for a parade, county fair, or other outdoor event.

Reservations are for one week (Monday through Sunday), and you are responsible for picking it from NCLS and returning it on time for the next user.

Before you make your reservation, please review (and complete, where appropriate) the following documents:

Reservation Procedure

NCLS Portaboard Trailer Agreement

Trailer Reservation Calendar

Trailer Safety Checklist

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy. Before filling out the reservation form, please make sure you have your insurance paperwork ready to upload in PDF format - it is a required field.

Reservation Form

Library Programming & Outreach

Library programming comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for patrons all ages and abilities.  New ideas, like health and exercise programs or summer lunch distribution, have found spaces in libraries, while old favorites, such as storytime and book clubs, have found new audiences online.

In additional to being a minimum standard, library programming provides an opportunity for engagement with patrons and collaboration with partners.

What exactly is outreach in libraries?  Library outreach is simply providing services to non-users or a traditionally underserved population. 

It's important for library staff to be aware of their underserved community members so they provide services that meet their needs.  More information about outreach strategies can be found HERE.

ALA: Big Programming Ideas for Small Budgets

The Warehouse

Books by Mail

Staff Guide

Professional Reading