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Annual Reports 2021: 1 General Library Info

General Library Information

Much of part 1 is general library information that does not change, including some information that is locked from being changed. Should you have questions, referring back to your previous year's annual report may help.


  • 1.37 - 1.44 Library Director/Manager - If your library director. manager has changed, 1.37 - 1.44 will be affected.
  • 1.46 Library Budget Subject to Vote - If you are one of the 14 libraries that went out on the ballot for funding in 2021, please see the 1.47 box below for more info.
  • 1.49 Unusual Circumstances - Since every library was impacted by the pandemic, DLD wants you to note unusual circumstances other than the pandemic. More details below.

1.47 - 1.49 Ballot and Contractual Funding

This section is not hard, but we do have some libraries occasionally forget to answer their ballot information. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your consultant. 

1.46 Library Budget Subject to Vote (Calendar Year 2021) If you went out on the school or municipal ballot this past year (even if you were unsuccessful), you will have some additional questions to answer. Not sure? Below is our list of libraries who went out in 2021

Library Yes No Library Approval Increase
Cape Vincent Community Lib 231 62 78.8% $7,500
Depauville Free Library 231 62 78.8% $7,500
Clayton - Hawn Memorial 231 62 78.8% $7,500
Black River - Sally Ploof 217 32 87.1% $2,000
Carthage Free Library 217 32 87.1% $5,000
Lyme Free Library 146 20 88.0% $5,280
Rodman Public Library 667 160 80.7% $5,000
Hepburn Library of Colton 141 18 88.7% $5,000
Ogdensburg Public Library 792 405 66.2% $225,000
Canton Free Library 638 152 80.8% $13,682
Oswego Public Library 1069 503 68.0% $26,000
Sandy Creek - Annie P. 177 78 69.4% $50,000
Orwell - Cogswell 177 78 69.4% $5,000
Fulton Public Library 403 154 72.4% $13,032


1.47 Library Budget Subject to Vote (prior year) - Answer this If you've received ballot money in the past, and over 50 of our 65 libraries have! If you have questions about this, your report from last year can usually help you answer the related questions. Please make sure it reflects any new ballot funding from the prior year (answered in last year's 1.47)

1.48 Contractual Agreement - Does the library have a contractual agreement ... to provide library services to an area not served by a chartered library? The vast majority of libraries will answer no to this. However, looking at your answer from last year may help you confirm that if needed.

1.49 Report of Unusual Circumstances. The pandemic drastically affected every library and their reported statistics. DLD does not want you to report Covid-19 as an unusual circumstance, answer this question regarding unusual circumstances OTHER than Covid-19. That could include heavy weeding, a fire, flood, etc. Libraries should add a note if services were impacted by circumstances in addition to Covid-19. (Updated 12/14/20)