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Annual Reports 2020: 10 Officers & Trustees

Officers and Trustees

The Officers & Trustees section is not difficult but there are a few very common mistakes. Remember, the information you enter this year should not conflict with a prior year's information. Please double check trustee term start and end dates against your last annual report.


  • List Trustees moving forward. The report wants to know who your trustees are February 1st and on, not who they were over the past year.
  • Terms ending and beginning. If a trustee term is 3 years, that means they start in January on the first year, and end in December of the third year. For instance, January 2020 to December 2022. Please be careful putting in your term dates. Term information should not conflict with prior annual report data.
  • Filling in a seat part-way. When it comes to a trustee filling in a term, you should put when that person started as the Term Starting date, and keep the end date of the seat. Then on the line asking if they are serving a full term, add a note. The Note should identify the previous trustee whose unexpired term is being filled, and should identify the beginning and ending date of the unexpired previous trustee’s term. Example: Trustee is filling the remainder of [name]’s term, which was to run from beginning date to ending date.
  • There must be a record for each voting POSITION. Include an entry for a VACANT seat. 
  • Oath of Office. For Public Libraries, not Association Libraries. If you are a Public Library, your trustees have to take an oath of office (below)

Oath of Office Reminder

FOR PUBLIC LIBRARIES (Not association libraries)

New York State Public Officer's Law §10 requires all public library trustees (but not association library trustees) to take an oath of office within 30 days of beginning their term of office. Public library trustees are public officers and the oath of office is required to officially undertake and perform the duties of a public library trustee.   If a public library trustee does not properly complete and file an oath of office, the trustee’s position may be deemed vacant. See Public Officer's Law §30(1)(h).

For more information about how and why the oath of office is administered, and where to properly file an oath of office, please see the “Oaths of Office FAQ” on the New York State Library website:

Not sure whether your library is legally a public library or an association library? Library type information is listed for every public and association library in New York State on the “Find Your Public Library” web page at:

Trustee Education

Trustee Education wants to know what trustees have completed education in the past year. Complete one record for each person serving as a trustee as of December 31st, 2020. These trustees will not be the exact same trustees listed in the section where you list trustees moving forward (February 1st and on).

Trustee Education is a newer section. There are a lot of items that could count for this. For example, this could include the 

  • NCLS Annual Meeting
  • any CEOs held by NCLS, NNYLN, NYLA
  • any trustee orientation hosted by an NCLS consultant
  • and more

Create a record for each trustee and simply answer 'Yes' or 'No' for each.