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Annual Reports 2021: 5 Technology

Technology and Telecommunications

This section regarding Technology is simple as NCLS provides answers to much of it in the Master AR Spreadsheet


  • 5.4 I have totaled your Drupal and WordPress stats where necessary. Your answer is available in the Master AR Spreadsheet.
  • 5.5 If you receive Erate (Yes to question 5.7) then you MUST filter your Internet (Yes to question 5.5). 
  • 5.8 If you receive Erate but do NOT participate in NCLS's Fiber network, answer NO to 5.8, "part of a consortium".
  • NCLS is always striving to keep our records up to date. If you have a question and think they may not be up to date, please contact us. 


5.1 - 5.9

For answers to 5.1 to 5.9 (except 5.6), NCLS provides answers to these. Please see Part 5 of the Master AR Spreadsheet

5.6 Does your library use social media? This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If your library has a Facebook page, answer Yes.

5.10 - 5.12

Our libraries are so small, that often we don't have staff who's sole responsibility is IT. As such, usually the director name and library contact information are input in these questions. Looking at your last year's report can help you answer this question.