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Annual Reports 2021: 2 Library Collection

Library Collection

In this section, you will report the library's 'Holdings', simply what materials are in your library's collection (books, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.). It is not a hard section as NCLS has provided your SIRSI and eBook data in the Master AR Spreadsheet. You may optionally have adjustments to the data provided by SIRSI. Feel free to make those adjustments when inputting answers into Bibliostat CollectConnect. You may also download the Master AR Sheet Excel File and add or subtract right in the sheet if you'd find that helpful.


  • There are only 4 answers for which NCLS does not supply a number. Please see the box below for details.
  • Due to a deleted question, numbering for questions 2.26 and on has changed. I have updated the Master AR Spreadsheet


2.9, 2.10, 2.26, 2.28

The following answers are NOT provided by NCLS. Please enter a number for the following, based on the explanation of each below:

2.9 Total Print Serials

Volumes are a unit established by a publisher. Enter the number of volumes held, including duplicate copies of volumes.

2.10 All Other Print Materials

Include print materials which do not meet the definition of a book or serial, and which are not counted in other categories of holdings. 

UPDATE: DLD has deleted question 2.26 Current Print Serial Subscriptions

2.27 All Other Print Material

Include additions to uncataloged books and current print serials within Additions to Holdings - All Other Print Materials


DLD's Further Considerations

In DLD's instructions, they do have some general considerations about what gets counted in part 2:

2.1-2.22 Collects data on selected types of materials. It does not cover all materials (ie. microforms, loose sheet music, maps, and pictures) for which expenditures are reported under Print Materials Expenditures, Electronic Materials Expenditure, and Other Materials Expenditures (question 12.6, 12.7, and 12.8).