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Annual Reports 2021: 6 Staff

Staff Information

This section refers to Staff Information. 


  • Include the FTE for all positions funded in the library's budget whether those positions are filled or not. This report requires conversion of part-time hours to full-time equivalents (FTE).
  • To compute the FTE of employees in any category, take the total number of hours worked per week for all budgeted positions in that category and divide that total by the number of hours per week the library considers to be full-time.
  • Report the FTE to two decimal places.
  • If you have questions, your report from last year can potentially help.

6.1 FTE Calculation

Record the number of hours per week used to compute FTE for all budgeted positions. This should be no more than 40 hours per week.

6.10 - 6.11 Other Staff

Count all other paid staff positions not previously counted on questions 6.2 - 6.9.

6.2 - 6.5

Library Director (Certified); Librarian (Certified)

Positions counted in this series require a NYS Public Librarian's Certificate, whether provisional or permanent. For question 6.2, do not list an interim or acting director. List only an official director who has been appointed by the board.

6.14 - 6.19 Salary Information

Report the entry level librarian and Director/Manager FTE and the current annual salary as of the end of the fiscal year for this position, even if vacant.

If a position is vacant, indicate the FTE and annual salary that the employee would earn at the entry level, as if the position were filled.

If there is no set "annual" salary figure for any position, then multiply the hourly salary by the number of hours worked per week by 52 weeks (i.e. hourly salary x number of hours worked per week x 52 weeks). 

FTE should not be greater than one.

The number of hours worked per week should not be greater than 40. 


Library Manager (not Certified); Library Specialist/Paraprofessional (Not Certified)

Under "Library Manager", count the position of library director where employee does not hold a NYS Public Librarian's Certificate.

Under Library Specialist/Paraprofessional, count the position with the title of librarian where the employee does not hold a NYS Public Librarian's Certificate and does paid work that usually requires a certified librarian with professional training and skill in the theoretical or scientific aspects of library work.